Becky Neville(non-registered)
Thank you Joey for sharing your photographs with Ada Rotary Club. Your photos are amazing. Quite surreal and beautiful.
Bruce Titus(non-registered)
I was referred here by your Aunt Barbara. She was right in saying that your work is wonderful. I have my photography in art galleries here in Reno and the surrounding region. It's always nice to see another photographer's work... especially if it's good.
Barbara F. Hull(non-registered)
Congratulations Joey! You found a website worthy of these gorgeous pictures. I am amazed at the shots, quality color and clarity! Better then National Geographic! Can't wait to see more as you continue your rise to popularity. I'm a fan Ms. Campbell, a BIG fan!
Linda Armstrong(non-registered)
Joey - I love your photos....they are Amazing! You are a very talented artist... I will certainly be purchasing one for my home.
Margene Rowland(non-registered)
Wow, amazing I love the pictures Joey , beautiful !!
Brenda Rood(non-registered)
Your photography and life experiences are incredible! Thanks for sharing your passion, travels and point of view! Love it!
Lynn Walzer(non-registered)
Joey, Your pictures are amazing! They look like they are straight out of a magazine. I can't believe you have gotten some of the shots that you have! I can't wait for the kids to see them :). And you are so doing their shots the next time you visit!
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